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«New Technological Systems»

The diagnostic equipment for injector automobiles

Welcome to NTS web-site!
Here you can find the complete information concerning NTS enterprise and our production: different models of diagnostic scanner testers (DST), motor-testers, stands and software for automobile diagnostics.

Знак НТС

NTS Ltd.,150 Partizanskaya St., Samara, 443070 Russia
Telephone/Fax: +7-(846) 269-50-20 (multi channel)
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The NTS equipment delivery for export

NTS produces a wide range of diagnostic equipment for Russian and foreign cars.

On NTS website you will find the technical information and documentation on the NTS automobile diagnostic equipment.

NTS directly exports the goods to the countries of the Customs union. Please concerning equipment export to other countries address in of AVTOVAZ services or to our other dealers. At present the direct export deliveries in the far abroad countries are economically inexpedient for NTS. The information on a site is for informative purposes only, the prices are actual at purchase in Russia, for more detailed equipment information visit our site

We would like to draw your attention to the sales leader diagnostic scanners: DST-14Т portable scanner tester, it allows to identify and to correct the troubles of the electronic fuel injection system and of the other car electronic systems.

You can update the scanner DST-14Т software via the Internet.

Diagnostic scanners DST-14Т already have a full English interface, come with technical documentation in English.

All further development equipment provides English-Russian user interface.

Along with scanners NTS produces diagnostics computer systems for car maintenance. These are - Motor Tester-MT10KM and Scanner MT10SOM. These systems diagnose more than 1700 types of electronic control unit (ECU) of Russian and foreign cars. The list of diagnostics electronic control units is constantly growing. The systems have the English interface and documentation.

The description for each new item of the equipment will be avaliable on the NTS site

NTS produces a wide range of diagnostic equipment for Russian and foreign cars. The NTS devices are officially recommended as a dealer by the car producer AvtoVAZ. The NTS devices are not the dealer's ones for Lada Vesta, but our DST scanners used for Lada Vesta testing at AvtoVAZ production line, and we sell software for Lada Vesta diagnostics too.

The complete list of NTS equipment can be found at the Russian-speaking NTS site -

Foreign dealers are welcome!

Foreign dealers are invited for cooperation with NTS! We will be glad to answer all your questions.

The NTS news

New! DST-14T diagnostic scanner-tester

DST-14T diagnostic scanner-tester is used for identifying and correcting troubles in vehicle electronic systems: electronic fuel injection, ABS, immobilizer, climate system, heater, etc. DST-14T may be used to diagnose electronic control systems of VAZ, GAZ, UAZ, IZH, ZAZ, ZIL, PAZ, MAZ, GM-AVTOVAZ, SEAZ/KAMAZ, VAG (Audi, VW, Skoda, Seat), Daewoo/Chevrolet, Kia, Opel, Renault, Peugeot, Fiat, Citroen, Hyundai, Ford, BAW, Great Wall, Chery, Mazda, Toyota/Lexus, Foton, Ssang Yong, Hafei, Mitsubishi.
All program modules are included in the DST-14T. DST-14T software can be update via USB interface.

Diagnostics technical features

Diagnostics of foreign and some of Russian cars

The NTS diagnostics equipment is not approved as a dealer's equipment for diagnostics controllers installed on the foreign and some Russian cars. At the same time, for diagnostics these cars the basic functions of the foreign brand-name equipment are realized in the NTS devices.

You need to keep in mind that the correct diagnostics can be made by means of following the special requirements of the producer's technical documentation.

ECU type autodetection

Function of ECU autodetection is realized for convenience of diagnostic scanner using, however NTS does not guarantee, that all the declared controllers will be recognized by the scanner automatically. It occurs because the manufacturers of the official or tuning ECU software not always include the necessary for uniqueness identification data in communications protocol.
If the controller from accessible ECU list has not been identified automatically, it will be diagnosed correctly at the CORRECT manual choice of ECU type. The fault autodetection of the concrete controller is not a defective index of the diagnostic tool and it shows only the impossibility to identify ECU type unambiguously.

Available now
with English interface

Scanner DST-12

Scanner DST-14T

Motor-Tester MT10

Motor-Tester MT10KM

Motor-Tester MT10KM is a complete automotive diagnostic system applicable to any automobile with different engine types (carburettor, diesel or injector up to 8 cylinders).


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